Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tarot Tuesday #9 - Manifestation: Today's Journey Tarot

Card: Manifestation
Deck: Today's Journey
Artist: Chris Wilkey
About the Card:
Card #1 in the Today's Journey Tarot is named "Manifestation". It depicts a person who may be male or female standing before a blackboard and writing a complex mathematical equation. The table behind the person holds a deck of cards, a book and a pair of candlesticks.

About the Deck:
Once again, I've managed to find a deck in progress - this one by artist Chris Wilkey. The concept of the deck is to bring the experiences of the Tarot into the modern world. There have been other decks that attempted this - most notably the Housewife's Tarot which is absolutely delightful in its whimsy and insight. This deck is a bit more serious, and the artwork reflects the artist's intent to present the subject for serious consideration.

Post About: Your impressions of Mathematician as Magician, or anything else having to do with Tarot or this card.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm gratified that people are starting to notice this project.

    However, I can understand, especially at the scale of imagery on the web, how the contents of the table could be misread. The "candlesticks" were intended to represent the gas nozzles in laboratory classrooms. And although there are many papers on this table, none of them are a deck of cards. Just wanted to clarify. And thanks again for noticing.

  2. Actually, the fact that the "candlesticks" were still perceived as flame delivery units is quite appropriate and intuitive, demonstrating the possibilities for a relatively archetypal level of interpretability.

    On another important front, Today's Journey Tarot has found a publisher! Schiffer Books is planning to release the deck in November 2011!

  3. Today's Journey Tarot has been released by Schiffer Publishing. It is available at www.schifferbooks.com or any online bookseller.