Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tarot Tuesday #7 - Spiderwoman

Card: Spiderwoman
Deck: Daughters of the Moon
Artist: Ffiona Morgan
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About the Card:
Spiderwoman is the Tenth card in the Major Arcana, representing the card more commonly called The Wheel of Fortune. In the DOM tarot, the card shows one of the three fates spinning webs that are patterns within patterns.

About the Deck:
Daughters of the Moon Tarot
was first published in 1983. While the artist is listed as Ffiona Morgan, the cards are a collaborative effort of many different artists, and the deck is maintained by Ms. Morgan. The original deck was printed in black and white, and readers were encouraged to color the images themselves to personalize the deck. I owned an original DOM tarot, and deeply regret having lost it over the years in various moves. The deck is feminist and wiccan - more properly, Dianist/Goddess-centered. The illustrations are marvelously eclectic. The company is ethically-centered and Earth-conscious.

Post About: Your impressions of the Spiderwoman, the Wheel of Fortune, your favorite Wheel of Fortune representation or anything else having to do with Tarot or this card.

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  1. Damn! I got all excited thinking folks were playing, and they are both just ad spamming you. :-(

  2. I like to think grandmother spider is spinning the etheral bounds to the underworld w